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Jab's farm lessons comics are the fictiscious stories of the life on the Winglenuts farm which is located deep in hillbilly country. Here everything goes and blood relations are not an obstacle. The hottest girl on the farm is the very sexy Rita Mae who features in nearly every episode.

The five complete comics below are early issues and are black and white only. They are nevertheless very funny if you love JAB's farm lessons. I can also present you three free sample pages which have recently been released by the jabcomix website.

There has not been a new farm lessons comics released in a while and the latest issue is still farm lessons comics 18, Fair is fair, which takes place on the grounds of the local fair and you can find on the jabcomix website. There you can also find the farm lesson #1 redux, the original comics redone in colour.

Farm Lessons 17 - Buying the car

In this issue Clevus is trying to get a better deal for his new car by letting the sales guy have some alone time with his daughter Rita Mae. There is also some sisterly love between Momma and Auntie and Booboo has some dealings with a hot waitress. On this free sample page you can find out if Clevus really gets a better deal.

Farm Lessons 16 - Farmer's Daughter

In this issue. A travelling salesman breaks down and has to stay overnight on the Winglenuts farm. It would not be a JAB comics if he was not tempted by Rita Mae's luscious body and sexual advances. On this free sample page you can find out whether he can resist the temptation or not.

Farm Lessons 15 - Too close encounters

This episode has got a great title. Rita Mae and Luke are in the fields trying to take some pictures of an UFO when they get upducted by the aliens. In the spaceship they get examined and probed and eventually they are having an intergalactical encounter of the sexual kind. On this free sample page you can get a glimpse of what's going on in that spaceship.

Farm Lessons 14 - The Family Reunion

To a family reunion is where the Winglenuts go to meet members of the opposite sex. In this episode JAB introduces a number of new family members including the sultry and nymphomaniac MILF Shelly who is married to Colonel Beuford. Other new characters are Elmer, a shy youngster and Candy a, sweet young girl. On this free sample page you can get a good idea what they are up to.

Farm Lessons 9 - A Mother's Love

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A mother's love
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Farm Lessons 5 - Breakfast Special

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Breakfast Special
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Farm Lessons 4 - Up all night

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Up All Night
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Farm Lessons 3 - Kidding Cousins

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Kissing Cousins
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Farm Lessons 2 - Love among Siblings

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Farm Lesson Comics
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That's all the farm lessons comics I can show you. For my other free comics and cartoons follow the links in my sitemap.

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