Miss Buxley and Beetle Bailey in Beetle Barfly

Miss Buxley and Beetle Baily

Miss Buxley appears nude in JAB's Beetle Bailey parody, Beetle Barfly. She is one of my favorite characters and I am very happy to be able to present the comic strips below for free. I never knew her first name but thanks to a helpful cartoon fan I now know it is Sheila.

On the jabcomix.com website you can also see Miss Buxley in a comic strip called "Doctor's Visit".

Bikini shot

Miss Buxley Cartoon

Clean up this mess

Miss Buxley sex comics

General Amos's Fantasies

General Amos
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That's all of Miss Buxley and Beetle Bailey that I can show you and I sure hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

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