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The shame of porn? [2007-12-01 07:35:15]

Reading the newsletter about people not giving any feedback to Andy made me think about the whole erotic cartoon scene in general... I think artists creating free erotic cartoons must have it pretty hard... There are lots and lots of artists creating very great stuff, but as erotic cartoons are just considered porn, there are a lot of people uncomfortable speaking about it... And even if this were not the case, a lot of people do not contact creators of stuff they like 'cause they fear they will be just one of thousands of fan letters that just annoy the receiver...

I try to tell people if I like stuff they created, especially if there is a way to do it online, as this is a nice way around the whole "I'm embarrassed to discuss porn" issue, but still I think that a lot of artists never get the appreciation they deserve...

To make up for it, I'm gonna list a few artists I'm really grateful to... I love Kthanid and Pandora's Box, they are the first artists that come to mind... Mouseboy also has a stil I like, although most of his stuff is to homoerotic for my taste... Looking through my like I also wanna add BBMBBF, Col.Kink and blagsnarf, as theirs are also pages I visit quite often...I bet I'm forgetting lots right now, but this should be enough for now...

And last but not least a big thanks to all those folks like Andy, that help us receive toons by our favorite artists *clapsHands*

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Andy: [2007-12-01 13:33:01]

I think it also has to do with the psychology of porn consumers. Another webmaster told me once that porn consumers are in general very selfish and are really only interested in gratifying themselves. I'd like to think that's not the case with the visitors to this website but sometimes I do doubt it.

Andy: [2007-12-01 14:22:14]

Further to my previous comment. I think it could also be a sign of the times we are living in. When I first started this site I had less visitors and more feedback. Today there is an information overload. People barely have the time to look at everything they are interested in and there is no much time left to actually contribute themselves. I actually do this myself when I visit other sites

A.I.D.: [2008-01-07 19:43:03]

I agree...must rush.

AcigmaFic [2009-02-17 01:43:18]

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