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RE: Maybe erotic cartoons are not art after all (part 2) [2008-08-20 21:22:13]

There are also certainly several reasons why people appreciate erotic cartoons. Some people appreciate erotic are sonly for the purpose of finding sexual pleasure, like Unknown has stated. Some of these may be of the opinion that what they’re deriving pleasure form is art, while others may not. (One of the purposes for art is to provide something which people can find pleasure in is it not?) There are also those who find other things in erotic art when they can. I am one of those.

Human society and human behavior, and human societal behavior are all things that fascinate me. I also appreciate stories. While not all erotic art I encounter and all erotic art I enjoy speaks to these concepts for me, some of it does and I tend to appreciate that art more. If a piece of art, whether it be a drawling, a comic strip or cartoon series, or something else, presents a story I can get something out of I appreciate it for that even if it does other things for me. This could be through beauty, through detail, and/or through eroticism, amongst other ways art can affect me. Also any work that touches on human behavior, human society, or human societal behavior for me is also something I will appreciate for doing just that whether or not the same work does anything else for me. Some erotic art does little more for me then give me a sexual thrill and that’s okay and to me the art in question can still be, very much, art. My favorite erotic art I have found, both here and elsewhere, talks to issues of human behavior, human society, and human societal behavior.

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