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RE: Maybe erotic cartoons are not art after all (part 3) [2008-08-20 21:22:50]

My favorite art on this site is the Rutwell Forest art by Kthanid. This art depicts a society where sex is done openly and freely. This has long been a fantasy of mine; it was so even before my first wet dream. This is not the only reason why I enjoy the art, however. To me sex is an expression of love. We live in a society where monogamy is in the mainstream, more so then erotic art, I mind you. The trouble for me, with respect to sex and monogamy, is that I love everybody. I certainly donít love everybody enough to fuck them, but there is more than one person I love enough to fuck. At the moment there is only one person I know who is willing to return the attitude but thatís okay. I would rather live in a society where sex as an expression of love is more widely accepted, maybe not celebrated but not something that has to happen behind closed doors. While they serve different purposes, I maybe would rather live in a society where sex is not anymore out of place then hugs are in this society. That may be to common or not common enough for my individual tastes. I donít know. Our society is so far away itís hard to tell what the perfect balance for me would be.

What art like that depicting Rutwell Forest (both the visual and verbal art) does for me is it allows me an avenue to explore such a society. Rutwell Forest is a normal functioning society (Iím assuming, several activities of society are absent) but where sex is a common display of affection. It is not the only means I have for exploring this concept but it is a useful one and one that lets me gather the opinions of others on the concept. My biggest complaint would be that there has so far been little in the way of gay male sexual interaction (and yes, this is a request (I happen to be bi myself (get it, pun(:-P)))). Kthanidís work has certainly helped me to get myself off but that is the least important of the purposes his art has done for me. To me, his work is defiantly art and, not only that, but art that carries a message and a critique of society.

It is reasonable to ask about why I have not previously proclaimed my opinions regarding Kthanidís art. Most of the answer would be my shyness and my timidity. My shyness and my loneness has prevented me from expressing my opinions in a private forum, e-mail, especially since, up into now, I had nthing to say other then ďI enjoy your work.Ē Kthanid may feel that it is important for him to hear this but, I, apparently, have not considered important enough to speak. His art gets me to think, to speak, and to write, but privately and with a few close friends. Part of who I am is some who listens a lot and speaks little in a lot of different situations. This is, apparently, one of them.

My shyness and timidity is even more pronounced for the public forum of the blog and blog comments. I claim there is good reason for this. I was quite active on a few internet communities a few years ago. With one exception, I tend to be an asshole. I donít mean to be but for some reason I have been. When I tried early this year to join another community I was still an asshole. Until I figure out how to be a member of an on-line community without being an asshole it is better to keep to myself on the internet, aside from a few close friends. I would like to be an active member of on-line communities, maybe including this one, but I would rather not hurt others in doing so. Iím sorry if this upsets you, Andy, but I am someone who enjoys the art on this site and gets some meaning out of it who none the less wonít give a lot if any feedback. Thatís part of who I am and with fifteen foundered visitors I may not be the only one who is like that.

All in all there are people who consider erotic cartoons art and there are people who donít and both types of people are correct in their own opinions on that topic.

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