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How old are (my) viewers of erotic cartoons - Survey Results [2008-10-12 01:13:26]

I am very pleased that I have finally collected enough opinions to be able to post the results.

What I can tell for sure is that many more males than females visit my site. Even if it should just be that males were more likely to take my survey, at 15% the percentage of females is so low that there cannot be any doubt that this is the case.

6% of all respondants said they were less than 16 years old and out of those 3 said they were less than 10 years old. Even if not all of these respondants answered truthfully this still indicates that some very young kids are visiting my site. There is definitely a need for better access control as the numbers indicate that on an annual basis there would be more than 1000 kids under the age of 10 accessing my site.

Ideally I should be able to provide a technical solution, something like a short maturity test as I explained in my original post. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment as I neither have the time to rewrite my site nor the psychological knowledge to come up with a short, suitable set of questions. The only feasible solution that I can think of, is what I have suggested before, not to let young children use the internet without supervision or at least to install some parental software. If you are a parent or have a little sister or brother I appeal to you not to let your kids or young siblings use the internet unsupervised.

The good news is that some people in my own age group and even older than that are also enjoying my site. 26% of the respondants said they were over 40 years old and 11 (8.5%) said they were over 60 years old. Interestingly no females said they were over 60 years old. :-) I am hoping this is just due to my small sample number and not to my site being a playground for dirty old man.

Surprisingly the median age bracket for both males and females is between 26 and 30 years. Personally I would have expected this to be lower. This indicates that the majority of my visitors are reasonably old and mature enough to view and enjoy my content.

If you are interested in this subject check out the raw data or have a look at the original blog.

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