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Do you know this comix [2009-01-31 08:21:09]

Hello everyone, I usually don't do this but since I have not posted anything in a while I am making an exception.

One of my viewers has found a comix that he would like to get more of but does not know where it comes from. So, I am asking for your help, do you know where this comix comes from? If yes, it would be great if you could post a comment to this blog post. Click on the picture to see it full size.

do you know this comix

I personally think it could be JAB but the name of the character does not ring a bell, so I could be wrong.

Here's the original inquiry: Just came across your site. I've recently started to get into erotic/adult comics, and I found this one somewhere, but I would like to find out the author/artist, so I can get more. It looks like Jab comix (which I really like), and that's how it was labeled on the site where I found it. Also, there's not indication of the title, and there is no page numbers on the pictures, so I don't know if I even have a complete set. I have 18 in total, but seems like a couple pages are missing. If you can be of any help, I'd really appreciate it. I've attached what I have as #1, but if you want all of what I have, let me know.

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

BikeBill: [2009-04-06 02:53:20]

Can't you, as one artist to another, contact JAB through his site and ask him? I'm sure he hasn't done so many that he wouldn't remember it, if it was one of his.

Andy: [2009-04-09 09:13:51]

I am actually not an artist myself but just a programmer who own and runs this site. JAB never answers any questions himself and as his own site is a pay site he probably wouldn't like to see his pictures posted elsewhere.

Johnnyboy [2009-05-14 21:19:58]

I would realy like the rest of this commic, can you give me what you have?

Andy: [2009-05-16 19:30:49]

I am sorry but that is all I have

iammok [2009-08-27 19:33:44]

We've seen this many times on the wwoec forum. The information we have there is that there were just the few panels made that everyone has seen then the artist left the work and the field of erotic cartoons behind. It wasn't Jab or any of the regular folks who've been around for some time. If only the artist had id'd themselves on the work we might be able to wheedle some more out of them. However, you say you have 18 frames but the recent post at wwoec has only 16 so consider this an invitation to bring the extra 2 frames you have over to the thread at http://wwoecforum.com/showthread.php?t=6763

Andy: [2009-12-04 01:56:29]

Try the thread in the wwwoec forum mentioned above

wojo [2010-01-08 19:22:34]

this comix looks great, if you could send me the rest of what you've got I'll be gratefull

Fac: [2009-11-23 16:40:53]

any news about this? Is there anywhere I could get some more?!

Duke2000 [2009-11-28 02:22:20]

I like these a lot. Can I get what people have so far?

Blarg: [2010-11-04 19:45:50]

I seem to remember this being in Deadline comics.

anon: [2010-12-07 15:50:22]

its from jab comix for sure, i think its called "Great Party" but not sure

pfft: [2011-07-24 20:51:14]

similar to jab for sure, but wrong house and great party, all of jabs work really is in a different style so I doubt its actually one of his.

turkturk [2011-12-25 14:37:24]

plz give me the rest

Unknown: [2012-01-19 15:27:39]

Hi .. you've mentioned you had 18 pages, where are the rest?

Andy: [2012-01-24 06:40:47]

I don't have them unfortunately. If the person who originally started this article is still visiting and reads this, can you please send me the other pics so I can add them to this post.

Andy: [2012-08-07 08:36:57]

Someone called Testosticles has posted a comment here saying that this comics is called "Colledge Girls". He has also provided a link to an www.ebook3000.com page which is supposed to have all 20 pages of the comics. As you can only get the pages with the ilivid download manager which seems to have caused problems on some people's computers I am not posting the exact link. However, I have found this other link, http://g.e-hentai.org/s/4d4233179c/406085-1 Testosticles, thanks for providing the name of the comics. I am sorry I cannot post your comment but I don't want to recommend installing the ilivid download manager.

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