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Are you interested in a cartoon drawing service - survey results [2009-10-23 08:21:19]

I finally got enough responses to my cartoons commissioning service survey.

The results are good and bad. Good because half of the responding artists (50%) and nearly half of the responding fans (44%) were interested in a cartoons commissioning service.

The bad news is that fans and artists have different price expectations. 65% of the interested fans did not want to pay more than US$ 20 and 86% of the interested artists wanted to charge at least US$ 50.

The median upper price limit is US $20 for fans and US $100 for artists. However, I only got responses from 14 artists, half of which were not interested in drawing cartoons for a commission. That only leaves 7 artists who voted for an upper price limit. With such a small number of responses it is nearly impossible to come to a meaningful conclusion.

I am not surprised that one artist wanted to charge up to $500 for a commissioned cartoon. However, I am very surprised that one fan was prepared to pay that amount.

As most fans only want to pay up to $20 which is probably a bit less than the artists would charge for a cartoon, for the time being, I will not setup a cartoon commissioning page where fans can interact with the artists. However, you can contact the artists directly. If you are a fan with a request, no matter whether you are prepared to pay for it or not, you can contact the artists yourself. Most of the artists posting on my site have got an email address on their pages(s) and you can always write to them directly. For your convenience I have pasted the contact details of most of the artists who post on my site below.

Kthanid Kthanid@aol.com
xxxecil xxxecil@hotmail.com
Quinn A Cox quinnac33@yahoo.com
Bob VanDornbob@bobscg.com
Serena Kittyserena_kty@yahoo.com
Keke Crusher KekeCrusher@netscape.net
BMPDesigner mgrande23@hotmail.com
Thomas tomsyner1@netzero.net

If you like xxxecil, write to him. I know for sure that he is actively seeking commissions

Disclaimer: I am not a statistician and cannot guarantee that my interpretation of the results and in fact the design of the survey are meaningful. Neither can I guarantee that the collected results are genuine opinions and there is no duplication.

If you are interested in this subject check out the raw data or have a look at the original blog.

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