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Are viewers of erotic cartoons interested in social media? [2010-05-17 09:37:16]

More and more sites are integrating with social media sites like facebook and twitter and I am wondering whether you my visitors are members of these sites and would be interested in sharing your opinions and experiences of my erotic cartoons with your friends on those sites.

Of course the main reason for my interest in this is to increase the popularity of my website but at the same time I would like to make things easier for you as well.

Many of you might already share opinions about this site and other sites you visit on twitter and facebook and if I can setup some buttons and widgets that make this easier for you we both win.

Before I invest my time in this I would like to find out whether you are interested in this and whether you are even member of any of those sites. So far, I can only tell that you are probably in the right age group. Two thirds of all US facebook and nearly half of all US twitter users are between 18 and 34 years of age. This is very similar for my site. The big difference is the distribution between the genders. My site has less female than male vistiors, only 15% of my visitors are female. On twitter and facebook it is roughly 55% female and 45% male.

Anyway, the best way to find out is if you tell me. So, please take the survey and let me know. You can also add a comment to this article if you have anything to say on this or send me an email.

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

Andy: [2012-03-02 04:21:23]

Due to lack of interest I have closed the survey associated with this article

Andy: [2016-10-13 22:26:15]

4 years after I have posted this survey it is even more irrelevant than it was then. These days nearly everyone is part of some social network.

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