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Setting things straight - busting two myths [2010-08-21 02:19:54]

I have been running this site for over 10 years and it's about time I set a couple of things straight. For the viewers who prefer a video I have recorded this little video. It looks very unprofessional but was a hell lot of fun to do.

I am getting a lot of requests for drawings and compliments on "my" art. The thing is I am not an artist. I have no drawing talent at all. I am just a programmer who owns and operates this site. All I do is adding pages and pictures and answer emails. Artists or fellow cartoon lovers are providing all the artwork.

In the beginning of the site some artists did not have a scanner and they used to send me their original artwork, which I scanned and posted. At the very start of the site I stole some pictures from other sites. Hence, "Andy's stolen cartoon collection" but that could not have been more than 50 and there are now over 15'000 erotic cartoons on this site. Kthanid alone has contributed over 2'000 and Mouseboy over 5'000 individual drawings.

So, if you have any requests for art or want to tell an artist how much you enjoy their erotic cartoons tell them directly. Most of the artists on my site have a link to their email address at the bottom of their page. Of course if you have any general comments about the site you can still contact me.

The other thing I want to set straight is that many people think this is a commercial site, which is operated by a number of staff. This is definitely not the case. I am the only person behind this site and I do all the hard work in my free time. Unfortunately I have to work for a living and can only spend my free time on updating smuttytoons. That's why sometimes it takes a few days for me to answer emails or add a page or picture.

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