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Is cartoon porn turning you on - Survey Results [2008-02-05 13:09:00]

Finally, the results for my "is cartoon porn turning you on" survey are in. I am a bit disappointed with the participation as after more than two and a half months I could only get a total of 68 opinions and heterosexual males gave 55 (81%) of those. This means that I did not get enough data to be able to work out whether there is a difference due to sex or sexual preference. The good news is that only 2 people said that none of my scenarios applied to them. That tells me that my choice of scenarios was pretty comprehensive.

The one thing that I can tell for sure is that most of my visitors get turned on by erotic cartoons. In fact between 84% and 94% of my visitors said that erotic cartoons turn them on. It's 84% if you assume that all the respondents who look at erotic cartoons for various reasons are not turned on by it and 94% if all of them are. What I cannot tell is whether this would apply to people who generally would not look at erotic cartoons as my survey was only taken by people who explicitly looked for erotic cartoons.

8.5% of the respondents stated that they look at cartoon porn for various reasons. This is not a huge but certainly a significant number and it confirms that erotic cartoons can serve more than one purpose.

Disclaimer: I am not a statistician and obviously cannot guarantee that my interpretation of the results and in fact the design of the survey are meaningful. Neither can I guarantee that the collected results are genuine opinions and there is no duplication.

If you are interested in this subject check out the raw data or have a look at the original blog.

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