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Erotic cartoons are art too [2008-03-21 22:27:53]

This might be obvious to many of you. Certainly the people, the artists who submit their work to this site would think so. I am writing this article because many educators and so called art experts, the people who are influencing what the wider public is supposed to consider art, don’t acknowledge this. You simply cannot find erotic cartoons in art museums and galleries and neither is the creation of them taught in art classes..

One way of examining this is to look at the purpose of art. [1] lists religious ritual, commemoration of an important event, social commentary, propaganda, recording of visual data, creating beauty, storytelling and conveying of intense emotion as some of the purposes through the history of art. Some people say, “art is supposed to make you think”, others say, “art is a language”, a way of conveying information without words. Many people say, “art is an expression”, a way of expressing feelings and conveying ideas.

Erotic cartoons and comics share many of the purposes listed above and therefore must be art too. Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” which to me means art helps you escape from your daily worries and relax. This is certainly true for erotic cartoons. Fantasy and humour are two of the main drivers for both the creators and the consumers of erotic cartoons. What better way of escaping the daily grind and relax than to let your fantasy go wild or have a laugh.

Besides the purpose, erotic cartoons have another thing in common with mainstream art. It’s the way they are delivered. Like many famous pieces of art over many centuries, erotic cartoons are sketched, drawn and painted. Some cartoonists, like Babehunter even use techniques like water colouring, which is a technique employed in many famous art works.

Finally, there is the look and feel that some cartoons have in common with famous pieces of art. This became blatantly obvious to me when I first looked at Babehunter’s pictures. [2] reminds me very much of a Tahitian beauty by Gaugin. Another commonness with famous artwork I discovered in Kthanid’s drawings. Just like Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel, Kthanid draws many of his female characters with the muscular body of a male.

Artists show us new ways to see familiar things. In history, pieces of art were often shocking initially but with time some of their ideas become accepted. Looking at it this way, you could say another purpose of art is to contribute to the evolution of human society. In this sense I am hoping erotic cartoons and my website are contributing to the further de-tabooing of sexuality and the removal of the hypocrisies associated with it.

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