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jabcomix website review [2008-04-24 15:00:00]

If you are a regular to my site you probably know that I have been advertising the jabcomix website for a while. Recently I have been thinking that it was about time I found out what I am really advertising. So, I have finally decided to spend the 18 bucks entry fee and in this article I will tell you what my impressions are.

The first thing that got me was that the default signup option is 1 month recurring. This means that if you don't pay attention, every month, you automatically get charged USD 17.95 until you cancel. Generally that should not be a problem. Just change the option to a single period, if necessary. You can always signup again later if you want to.

When I first looked at what's there I felt a bit disappointed because I thought there would be thousands of pictures to look at. That's definitely not the case. After a while I worked out that what they have is quality not quantity. This means that you don't have to look at dozens of pics before you find one that you like.

There are parodies, comics, sketches, animations, two strip blackjack games, a forum and news section, a monthly art contest, a poll, a chat, a store and a non-cartoon xxxx section.

In the parody section you can find parody pictures of famous cartoons, movies and games. Even though all the Warner and Hanna Barbera stuff, like the Jetsons, Flintstones and Scooby Doo is missing, this is one of my favorite sections of the site.

In the comix area you can find what most people come to the site for. There are the Ay Papi Cartoons, the Farm Lesson Comics, the My Hot Ass Neighbor Comics, Nurse Stacy, the new Omega Girl and some other comics. Some of the comics are in black and white only but they have started to bring back the original comics in colour. The first one is Farm Lesson 1. Since issue 11, all Farm Lesson Comics are in colour. The latest one is issue 13. Since Ay Papi 11 all issues are in colour. Currently Ay Papi 13 is in the making. I have been trying to work out what makes these comics so appealing and come to the conclusion that there are several reasons. One is definitely sex. The way JAB draws these girls is incredible, they are just sooo hot. Another reason is humour, there is nothing like a bit of hillbilly fun. A third reason might be fantasy. What man has not fantasized about nurses like Stacey or French maids like Monique or a hot-ass neighbor?

You can find some free Ay Papi and Farm Lesson samples on my JAB page if you want to find out what exactly I am talking about.

The new strip blackjack games are fun. You play blackjack against Rita Mae and when you win she takes off a piece of clothing. Unfortunately, I did not play well enough for Rita Mae to do more than just open her blouse. Maybe, they can make the next version so it is a bit easier to win. If you like playing blackjack and need some practice this is definitely a fun way to do it.

I have not spent much time in the forum but it looks like it contains a wealth of information, especially if you are an artist. There is a news section, a drawing suggestions section, an artistís corner, a writerís corner, an arts contest, JAB's school of fine porn art and much more.

The drawing tutorial is still waiting for its conclusion but all other sections are finished and quite extensive. If you want to get into cartooning that's definitely a good place to start.

The chat area is fun too and besides other members of the site you can also meet some jabcomix staff members and get some insight in the operations of the site. JAB himself however, does not appear very often. He is just too busy updating the site and working on new stuff.

Site navigation could be improved in some areas so even middle-aged farts like me can quickly find what they are looking for. It took me a while to find the chat area because there is no link to it in the main menu and to get from one area to another it often takes two (or maybe I just couldn't work out how) rather than one click. Once you know how it works this is no problem any more. The navigation in the comic views is excellent however. You don't need to use the back button to get from one page to another and you can easily return to the main menu.

I have a standard ADSL connection and have no problem with page loading times. Usually it takes me 1 to 2 seconds to flip pages in a comic. If you have ever used this site with a dial-up connection, please let us know and add a comment to this post.

The jabcomix affiliate program for webmasters works for me. It is one of the few programs that generates conversions for my site. The only complaint I have about it is that the third party who is handling the clicks and signups is unable to accurately report the clicks. I guess as long as you get signups this doesn't matter very much.

In conclusion I must say that the jabcomix website is a great site and I am definitely very happy to advertise it on my site. Unlike many other erotic cartoon sites, it is genuinely trying to create a great experience for its visitors and JAB and all the other staff members are working very hard to produce new original content and update the site. At the same time they do not give in to the pressure of having to create new content quickly and en mass and only post quality new comics and drawings.

Because of the time it takes for a good comic to be produced and appear on the site I don't think it is worthwhile for the average cartoon consumer to signup for a recurring membership. My recommendation would be to, twice a year buy a monthly membership to catch up with all the new stuff and have some fun in the other areas. If you are a cartoonist yourself, enjoy entering contests and are looking for some helpful resources, a recurring membership may be just worth your while. If you are interested in cartooning and want to get some ideas, the drawing tutorial itself would be worth a once off monthly subscription.

If you want to find out for yourself you can find the jabcomix website here. Please let me know, what you think and post a comment on this blog. If you wish you can even post your own review and I certainly do not mind if you disagree with me.

four stars

About the author: Andy, the BOO

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

Andy: [2008-04-29 19:28:57]

Hey, it's great to see a couple of people are disagreeing with my review. I just wish they would have left a comment saying on what points they disagree. So, folks, if you disagree with any of the posts in this blog, please leave a comment and tell us why.

enigmawing [2008-05-30 20:54:26]

Enjoyed this review and was just wondering if I ever had the chance to say hi to you in chat. Take care. :)

chucky: [2008-06-28 19:08:51]

I signed up for the JAB site 6 months ago and i was really dissapointed. I liked the story style comics like Aye Papi but I expected way more for my money. And the was you figure it signing up you will get to see the flinstones and jetsons and all those and they are not there. I would like to know where to find and nice full collection of all those hard to find cartoons. I liked the site but overall not worth the money at all! Cheers to your site though, you have a wealth of stuff to see which is rare now days tks

lead_pipe: [2008-12-01 02:40:29]

firstly, Chewbaca? I have seen a decided slump in the staff's ability or drive to please the masses, often going out on a limb to try a "new vision of adult cartoon pornography" and trying to interweave pointless or overly complex plots into what is essentially meant to be smut. people dont sign up to porn sites looking for exceptional heart moving story, they do it to get their rocks off to toons or actors doing the stuff that could get you thrown in jail or ruin your life if you attempted it. from inside information, and personal experience, the staf have said "We will take your comments on board and try to implememnt them in the next issue of this comic." with 2 months minimum between issues of the same series we find that they had no intention of changing their script as it was "set in stone" months ago. Only recently has there been an off the books announcement that the next 5 "set in stone" scripts are axed due to the theme continuing on a downhill spiral. Its taken nearly 12 months of poor reviews for the team to realise "hold up, this story isnt getting better reviews, its getting worse". there also seems to be an undercurrent of unco-ordinated activity as well, as many of the forum moderators, who are also staff for the site, cant seemto get their stories straight on conflicting issues. it can at times become entirely clannish towards the site's creator (understandable) even to the point of him being borderline racist (see the Eugenics, Drawing Jam) and still getting blind support from hardcore fans. this is the reason that I disagree with this blog. The site isnt woeful. But it definately isnt the pretty rose bud that this entry makes out to be.

Andy: [2008-12-01 06:27:54]

lead_pipe, I am glad you left this comment. It's good to hear from someone who obviously has more insight into the site than me. If you want, I can copy this comment into a new article to give it more exposure. Just let me know

JAB comix fan: [2009-07-26 11:03:58]

In response to lead_pipe's comments...what makes JAB comix so refreshingly different, unique and entertaining on many levels are the plots, the dialogue, the humor, the characterizations and the professional artwork. There are tons of sites that offer nothing but generic pictures of cartoon characters having sex with no plots, no dialogue, no humor, no characterizations and no professional artwork. JAB offers much more.

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