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Is cartoon porn turning you on? [2007-11-15 02:39:50]

Whether cartoon porn or erotic cartoons as I prefer to call them are a turn on or not is a question that has been asked more frequently lately as cartoon websites seem to be booming. The answer to this is not straight forward as there are many genres of cartoon porn and not every viewer is turned on by the same things. Some people say there are only 3 genres in erotic cartoons, hentai, anime and 3D. I would also name comic strips and drawn single frame jokes as categories and depending on what is actually shown on these pictures, they could be subdivided even further. I would say it is definitely possible to to be turned on by cartoon porn but not every cartoon porn picture is doing it for everyone. Often cartoons are not even intended to turn on their viewers. Sometimes, they are supposed to make their viewers laugh or tell a story or just make them think about something. For instance, an Australian caricaturist whose name unfortunately evades me once drew a cartoon of John Howard, the Australian prime minister being used as the tool in Georg Bush's rectal examination. This picture could have been called cartoon porn but it definitely was not a turn on. However, it was very amusing. Many of the erotic parodies of famous cartoon characters such as the Simpsons have a more humorous than sexual effect. On the other hand the "Get Girl" pictures on Jean Paul's girl-e-toon website are a definite turn on. I think it really depends on whether the cartoons are just a depiction or exaggeration of the body or a sexual act or whether they also contain a story or a message. Of course this is my, a man's point of view and it could well be that this is completely different for women and women can easily be turned on by stories. Another important factor is fantasy. If a cartoon happens to hit on someone's sexual fantasy it can easily be a turn on. In many cases this can be as simple as over sized breasts or genitals. All in all I can say that cartoon porn serves many people and many purposes. It is definitely not just there to turn people on.

About the author: I am Andy, the BOO (bilder, owner and operator) of this website

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

Andy: [2007-11-27 15:56:23]

LOL - It looks like my ideas about this subject are so obvious that everyone is agreeing with them.

A.I.D. [2008-01-07 19:49:31]

Very little cartoon porn turns me on. I get turned on drawing and writing my cartoon but. This to me is then an indication that others might get turned on by it. This is cool to me, but not my motivation. My motivation is for folks to tsk..and shack there heads and for them to want to come back to see what my girls are up to this time. If they also have a wank over some tits I have drawn thats cool by me.

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