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Re: Erotic cartoons art art too [2008-05-07 21:03:37]

Andy, you have a super site and I love the chance of seeing all the free cartoons.

I read your newsletter and saw how disappointed you were to reactions to your blog. I don’t usually read blogs like this, hell I am only interested in the drawings but I thought that perhaps I should give you some feed-back.

Do I need to describe my viewpoint? I assume that you would know that I am one of many who enjoy porn and also enjoy comics. (UK word for full page story books).

Additionally, simple film clips with real people tend to get very similar but comics have stories so hold the interest for longer

Your arguments concerning art are, in my opinion simply aimed to get your particular genre accepted by society in general. (Naturally!) Your chances of that are minimal. It is the subject of the artwork that precludes it from being accepted, not the mechanics. No matter how skilled the artist, all they are doing is depicting the sex act or parts thereof or similar.

I suppose literature could be used as a comparison: porn does not make great literature. Books including descriptions of the sex act do so for more sales. In earlier times it was ‘alluded’ to not displayed. We do not include graphic descriptions of our bodily functions either.

We live by double standards, necessarily so, in my opinion. We have a public and a private point of view. What is acceptable to us publicly is much different from what is allowable privately.

In cartoon form or in porn films although not the subject of this discussion, I love to see all the fine detail of sexual intercourse but would not wish to see the same in a television ad for soap liquid, for example. “A balanced diet helps you fuck longer” does not seem to have an acceptable raisen d’etre for an advert!

Similar views pertain to sexual proclivities, incest and underage cartoons privately yes but publicly no. Simpsons etc are child porn when depicted on porn cartoon sites, as are Jetsons.

All this sort of stuff must stay ‘under the counter’. Your argument on another posting about the number of murders illustrates the point and demonstrates how far the borders have been pushed. When I was a lad the best that one could hope to read was a hand written sex story. Around the early ‘60s I read a printed sex story. Health and Efficiency magazine was the best for nudes and that had the female genitalia air brushed out. We have come a long way and in doing so have created the ‘need’ for more perversion.

In the past it was depictions of straight sex. Later, oral then anal were a requirement. Animal came in somewhere and bodily function appeared. Pain and humiliation although always a ‘secret’ were added. Incest is strange in film or in comic form since it is still only MF to be seen. It could be any male and any female!

Swearing on film has also been brought in over the years to the extent that some films are not watchable to some people owing to the language portrayed. We know they do it we don’t need to hear it.

We have strayed from the point a little but I think that the point is made, Subject not Mechanics.

About the author: No, not some narrow minded person with no experience. An old man with a wealth of experience. Done it all, maybe not all but lot

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Andy: [2008-05-07 21:10:12]

This article was originally submitted as a comment but as it is very extensive and I was happy to get an articulate reaction to a post I decided to post it as a full article.

sisler: [2009-06-12 04:35:00]

super i like this

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