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Where are all the good erotic cartoons websites? [2008-05-21 03:00:00]

Where are all the good erotic cartoons websites? This is a question that has been on my mind lately. Like any other webmaster I am always looking for similar sites to exchange links with in order to get a better ranking in the search engines.

I have been looking for both websites and blogs without any luck at all. Blogs are even worse than websites. I could not find a single blog where people actually talk about erotic cartoons. Most of them were just picture posts without comments and if they had any text it was a link to some pay site. I don’t know, do people just want to consume erotic art and humour without thinking about it? I hope not, otherwise I’d be seriously wasting my time.

Luckily the situation is a bit better with websites. There are a few very good pay sites around, like the Jabcomix site that I reviewed in my last post and there are a few free sites like the wacky world of erotic cartoons that show a lot of original art work, promote the artists and are worth while a visit.

Many other sites however are just a bunch of misleading links that send you from one links page to another. A lot of these sites look very similar and eventually they lead you to only a handful of different pay sites. It seems very much like these sites are link farms that are designed to promote a limited number of pay sites that are owned by the same group of people. This annoys the hell out of me.

Let me give you an example. I search Google for “Simpsons porn” and the second site that appears is toonfamilies.net. There I click on the Simpsons link that opens another toonfamilies tab. When I then click on a Simpsons thumb I am taken to a site called alivegirls.com. When I click on another Simspsons thumb there I am taken to a site called cherrycartoons. When I click on a Simspsons thumb there I am taken to a site called allporntoons.com, etc.

This is pure spam. If you are lucky you find a couple of full sized Simpsons pictures somewhere. These sites are giving you the run-around in the hope that you eventually signup somewhere. It’s a shame Google has not caught up to this yet and is still returning such sites at the top of search results.

There must be some good erotic cartoon sites out there but these spam sites just make it harder to find them. So, if you know of any good sites let us know and add a comment here.

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Unknown: [2008-06-13 19:10:24]

try hentairules blog its interesting, however its mainly hentai translated

Unknown: [2009-08-13 17:08:50]

Try hentai-foundry.com. Most of it is amateur artists, but some of it is really professional-grade stuff.

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