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Maybe erotic cartoons are not art after all [2008-06-24 19:42:00]

In one of my previous posts I wrote about how erotic cartoons are art too. Well, maybe I have to revise my opinion.

One purpose of art is to make people think, talk and write. This does not seem to be the case with erotic cartoons, certainly not with the ones on this website.

Sometimes I think my visitors are mute and have no opinion. This blog has been in existence for more than half a year, there have been over 150'000 displays of articles and so far my visitors have contributed only a handful of articles and comments. My How old are consumers of erotic cartoons survey has been going for three months now and so far I have only received 39 entries even though it only takes two clicks to take it and there are around 1500 people visiting my site every day. That really frustrates me and I don't know why that is

Looking at it this way, using the making people think and reply the definition of art, one could easily be fooled into thinking that erotic cartoons are not art.

Are consumers of erotic art just that, consumers? I don't know. Maybe it's just the times we are living in. I remember that in the early days of this website when there were much fewer visitors I got much more feedback.

Maybe the internet is not the ideal media to deliver art. Today, especially on the internet, there is an information overload and people just don't have the time any more to take everything in and digest it. Maybe, in order to generate feedback, erotic cartoon art needs to be presented like traditional art in museums and galleries where people have more time, are not distracted and can focus on the subject.

It's a shame that only spamers are taking advantage of the opportunity to express themselves in this blog. Sadly the fact of the matter is that this blog receives twice as much spam in one day as it has received legitimate contributions in its entire existence.

Of course one way to improve this is to change the spam to legitimate contribution ratio. This is where you my fellow erotic cartoon lovers come in. By submitting your own articles or at least commenting on my and other people's posts you can improve this ratio and send those damned spamers into oblivion.

Finally, if you do rate an article and you disagree with it why not write a little comment explaining why.

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

Andy: [2008-07-07 07:21:21]

:-) Ha, ha , now nobody wants to disagree because then they are supposed to write a comment

Unknown: [2008-07-28 20:10:54]

lol, you take your badly drawn toon pussy far to seriously. Most people don\'t care about teh how and why of smut, they simply want to fap. lol, seriously. Get a life dude.

Unknown: [2008-08-11 05:29:50]

Well it's porn. People tend not to talk about erotica, much less porn. Basically if you want to have a conversation about porn you have to do it in a contextless void

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