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The importance of fantasy in erotic cartoons and cartoons in general [2007-12-29 17:57:00]

Fantasies are a major driver for both the creation and consumption of erotic cartoons. In a cartoon we can do things we cannot do in real life. Thus, cartoons give us the opportunity to live out our wildest dreams. If I were an artist I would know exactly what to draw.

Some cartoonists go even as far as drawing things that would be illegal in real life. This has always intrigued me and can't help but wondering what goes on in the heads of those artists.

As Soulshade puts it, cartoons can let us take a peek into the artist's soul. This means that there is often a bit of truth in a cartoon and the artists might be revealing something about themselves that they would not normally not talk about.

That's why, as a man, I am very much interested in the cartoons of female artists. The fact that the cartoons are drawn by a female does not turn me on. I am rather hoping to learn something about the inner workings of the artist and with it about the inner workings of women in general. Ha ha ha, you never know when such knowledge could come in handy.

The other thing with cartoons is of course that the same cartoon can trigger different thoughts in different people. This must be why cartoons like the Simpsons are so successful and last for such a long time. They appeal to a wide spectrum of viewers because they are open to the viewers' own interpretations and work on many different levels. For instance, this would be why cartoons such as the Simpsons appeal to both Adults and Children.

In some respect cartoons are like books, they come alive in the viewers imagination.

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Existing Comments for this erotic cartoon blog entry

A.I.D. [2008-01-07 19:33:17]

Great blog... absolutly agree, my comic (www.mollithelolli.com) is my fantasy on paper. My girls are young, adventurous, cute and slutty. Would I want to do a teen babe but? Nuh...I'm happily married with kids. Stay cool, Cheers.

Unknown: [2008-01-14 15:08:12]

Ay papi is pure child porn! It's a cartoon, yes, but that doesn't change the fact. Aren't you ashamed??

A.I.D. [2008-01-19 15:10:23]

CHILD PORN....That ain't no child, she be full grown with everything that makes her a woman. Now incest it is...but it ain't. Its fantasy...wank fodder...silly-ness. As for shame. I know the difference between Fantasy and shit we would never do to another human being. Art hurts no one, pleases some and can be ignored by others. perhaps it's better if you do not look at erotic art if it makes YOU feel shame.

Andy: [2008-01-22 16:41:31]

I agree with A.I.D. Ay Papi is pure fiction and fantasy. just like the crime shows on tv it doesn't hurt anyone. If you think like that maybe you do something about all the violence that can be seen on tv every day.

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